About Us

ChoiceCom was established in 1995 to provide choices for small business owners throughout the Kingston and Belleville areas. Our IT services were initially telecommunications, cabling, and print solutions. The current Managing Director and owner, Ian Pollard, has been fixing things from the age of seven, beginning with dismantling and rebuilding bicycles for his friends. Ian started his career in England, repairing all manner of electronic equipment, from typewriters, dictaphones and calculators to large industrial printing equipment. Ian emigrated to Canada in 2005 and worked as a service technician within ChoiceCom for the next 5 years. Taking on the role of Managing Director in 2010, Ian expanded the company in the areas of Managed Print and Managed IT.

Ian recognizes that reliability is the key to profitability for any small business. He believes that having an employee waiting around unproductively due to equipment failure is not only unprofitable, but unacceptable. Ian guarantees to his customers that the up-time for their equipment will be between 98 and 100%!

The team of 12 at ChoiceCom is made up of men and women who have a passion for providing customer service. Two-thirds of them have been with the company for more than 10 years. ChoiceCom has established active membership in groups like ASCII and TechSelect, thereby giving our technicians direct resources to find answers to complex problems. Other strategies include taking care of warranty repairs at our facility, as opposed to sending equipment back to the manufacturer. For example, Lenovo does not trust everyone to repair their equipment, but ChoiceCom’s service technicians completed all the required manufacturer’s training courses, so now Lenovo trusts ChoiceCom to perform warranty work in-house, with no need to ship the product back. Other certification examples are Lexmark and Toshiba print solutions, NEC phone systems, and SonicWall security solutions.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to exceed our customers’ expectations for both quality and service. We aim to be the best at what we do; this challenges us to continuously improve our equipment, processes, and our relationship with the customer.